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The entries in this edition have been transcribed from Henson’s original journals that form part of the collections of Durham Cathedral Library.

A guide to Henson’s papers can be found here:

The Henson Papers: Durham Cathedral Library – The Henson Journals

The following entries have been checked closely for accuracy against the original text:

1 October 1900-11 October 1920

12 March 1922-26 July 1922

1 October 1923-14 April 1925

Errors in the remaining transcriptions will be corrected as part of the development work of the project.

Volumes 150 and 160 refer to volumes 15a and 16a respectively; these are two of Henson’s early travel journals, before he used the main journal when he was away from home.

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PDFs of volumes 53 (1 June 1931 – 30 Sept. 1931) to 74 (20 Dec. 1938 – 31 Mar. 1939) will be uploaded as the development work of the project proceeds. They can be found under ‘The Edition’ part of the website.

Given the beliefs and opinions prevalent during his lifetime and in his educational and social milieu, Henson shared attitudes on matters of race, religion, and gender which would not be generally acceptable among later generations. While these find expression in his Journal, these volumes are best read as a historical source providing unique perspectives on the complex issues that confronted Church, state, and nation in Britain during the early decades of the twentieth century.

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