This edition of Henson’s journals has three main parts, each of which can be searched separately.

1.Henson’s own text can be searched on its own, using either the search option Journals in the search box, or from the Journals page.

(N.B. This function applies to the fully searchable text only, i.e. October 1900 to May 1931. Search PDFs for subsequent volumes through the first link below Edition, top right of the screen: PDFs of Volumes 53 – 74 (1 June 1931 – 30 Sept. 1939) – The Henson Journals (

2. The project annotations (People, Places, Organisations, Publications) may also be searched individually using the search box options, or from their own pages (People, Places, Organisations).

3. To search both text and annotations, select Journals and annotations.

Project members have also contributed short essays on various aspects of Henson’s career. These may be searched using the Essays and help option.

For guidance concerning the editorial apparatus, please consult the list of abbreviations, the editorial policy and annotation policy.